The article will run the important procedures that you can approach straightforwardly on your smartphone such as how to share and how to stop sharing location on iphone in a secure manner.

Main ways to manage your location

Sometimes, you need to handle your location with friends and relatives to organize a perfect meeting or not to lose the contacts. Maintaining the task digitally is considered to be easier than explaining the right directions on a smartphone. You might want to succeed with the task as quickly as possible. The other case to consider is to manage the option securely not to forget to turn off the function. If you don’t achieve this, you might be tracked with your confidential information.

How to manage the procedure securely

You should be attentive to handling the process effectively on your gadget suggesting some specs of the operating system. Generally, you are required to operate the major ways to succeed in:

  • It is easy to come up with the correct sharing location to someone being on the go.
  • Google Maps and communication applications are accessible to cope with the following option.
  • Enabling the location services is required to manage beforehand dealing with the setting apps of your device.

Starting the procedure

Before getting into the process, you have to enable the location settings on your gadget. Let’s come through the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Go directly to the menu bar and Open the Settings
  • Trying to choose the Location services on the Privacy is an essential step
  • Try ensuring location services
  • You can apply for continuing the process of sharing the location automatically

To cover the task with SMS apps you have to manage the process:

  • Jump to the conversation with someone you would like to share a certain location with.
  • Tap the icon of your friend.
  • Select the satisfying type of procedure: tapping on the sharing the current location, or handle the process for a certain period.
  • Complete the process.

If you want to use contacts in this scenario, here you can straightforwardly manage the instructions:

  • Open the suggested digital tool
  • Search for the relevant contact
  • Jump to Share your location
  • Suggest the period of being visible
  • Complete the process successfully

You have to choose the appropriate way to operate the system correctly and achieve the best results.


Sharing the suggested location on any gadget is a responsible process. You can leave the data visible for other people and make it easy to be tracked by third parties. You don’t know how they can use the private details against you. So, it is important to handle everything properly to be on time at the right location. Whether it is a business meeting or friends hanging out, you have to be aware of the standalone solutions.