Board Maps: A Virtual Meeting Platform For Accessing Agendas And Documents

Board Maps tops most rankings for the best management team software. The tool helps to conduct more effective meetings, work with documents remotely with other board members, organize voting and polls.

Preparing for a virtual meeting

Before holding a meeting, you need to prepare and inform all participants of the process. Board Maps gives you the following options:

  • Organize virtual meetings in just a few minutes.
  • Preparing an agenda where you include all the relevant data that you want to discuss at the board meeting. Thanks to this, you will not forget to say anything when you meet with colleagues.
  • Here you can easily upload, download, edit documents, and send them to other meeting participants. This makes decision-making much easier.
  • You can create full-blown presentations as well as online and offline viewing board books that help meeting participants dive deeper into an issue.

Users of the Board Maps service note that they no longer need to spend a lot of time looking for their documents in different folders and on third-party cloud storage. Everything is in the same place.

During the meeting

Since virtual meetings are the main feature of Board Maps, it would be strange not to talk about their features.

  • Thanks to the program, you have the opportunity to participate in the meeting using the web platform or your mobile phone or tablet.
  • During the meeting, participants have the opportunity to broadcast presentations, take notes, leave comments, and participate in discussions of risks and problem situations.
  • When you decide on certain tasks at a meeting, you can immediately delegate them to someone, set deadlines, and note this in the minutes of the meeting.
  • Reports are automatically generated during the meeting, its protocol is also generated by the program itself. In the future, these files will be archived, from where anyone can extract them – use them in new reports or read them.

Fine-tuning and convenient organization of meetings can significantly save time spent on board meetings.

After meeting

When the meeting is over, the software allows you to:

  • Keep track of the tasks that were set during the meeting, and note the progress of their implementation.
  • Access all meeting materials and files, read them, edit them or export them to your device.
  • Record meeting minutes.
  • Exchange documents with other meeting participants.

An important advantage of this software is security. All your documents are stored on reliable servers of the enterprise itself, so it is almost impossible to hack them and download files.

Outsiders cannot get to the pages of managers, as there is encryption and reliable user authorization systems.

The main administrator can define the roles of each of the meeting participants – something can only view documents, someone can make changes, for someone access to certain functions will be closed.

You can make sure that this software deserves your attention by reading its review at Here you have the opportunity to compare this application with other similar programs and make the final decision. Before you start using Board Maps, you can request a demo and ask the administrator to explain the key features of the software to you. Depending on the needs of your company, you can choose the best tariff plan, add certain tools. And the support service is ready to help around the clock or provide you with guides for working with the software.